Sour Pickles - Taste of the Fifties HUNT

HINT : you find the vinil record in wall near the mirrors
also have gift for mens

SS Luli

SS Chantal



you find this model a half price (50%off)

SS Golden Night

SS Fabrice

SS Lisha

SS Soft Roses

Nature's Hunt : Forces of Nature

Japan Benefit Hunt 20th March - 27th April - This Hunt will be for Japan, to raise money for the victim.
How to raise the money?
Hunters need the hunt HUD to grab the gifts from the huntprim, without the HUD they CAN do this hunt. The huntprims wont give the contents to anyone when touched the HUD.
The HUD will be sold for 150L at the startpoint FIRE BEACH SIM
Tehe raised money will be donate to Japan.
STARTING POINT : Pirate's Boulevard, Fire Beach Sim
Have gifts for men too.
HINT: Look in back store near pose stand.


Saris Creation's part of Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. These cloths that you see are part of the campaign in wich 50% or 100% will go to the foundation. Join you too!!!

SS Madiha

SS Necklace Madiha

SS - Pistache

SS Mimi

SS Vermouth in Red

I NEED A DOLLAR...... $......HUNT

The hunt start today.....look the gifts!!!!

HINT: money call money, look back shop near lingeries

SS La Robe

SS La Robe Black

SS La Robe Rose

SS La Robe Purple

SS - La Robe Fat Pack

SS - Les Nuages du Ciel

SS - Les Nuages du Ciel in Gray